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wrestling is my life and spn is my drug. food makes my world go boom. i ship too many things; ambreigns, gallavich, sastiel, candy, so on and so forth.

tv crack
hemlock grove s2
greys anatomy s10
looking s1
orange is the new black s2
penny dreadful s1
saving hope s1
scandal s4
shameless s4
sons of anarchy s6
supernatural s9
teen wolf s4
the originals s1
the vampire diaries s5
the walking dead s4


girl: spank me daddy

me: I am not ready to be a father

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you’re perfect. seriously. you are.


jesus died for you and you repay him by twerking that ass in the club??

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What do you call the security guards outside Samsung shops?


Guardians of the Galaxy

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how am i supposed to forget you when every time i go outside i see things that remind me of you


  • garbage cans
  • dog shit
  • asshole people
  • those babies that you want to punch in the face because they wont stop crying no matter what
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"I know I’m a little behind on the times, but…"

Elijah Mikaelson → 2x01"Rebirth" (x)
Elijah Mikaelson → 2x01"Rebirth" (x)

Klaus and Elijah → The Originals season 2

Klaus and Elijah → The Originals season 2

Klaus in the new season 2 sneak peek